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Baltimore White Couple Victimized in 9 on 2 Gang Assault/ Boston Firefighter Stabbed by 6 Chicanos

By The Unreconstructed Southerner

In a scene all too familiar across this country, Sarak Kesser and her boyfriend were viciously attacked on a Baltimore bus by 9 blacks. What was their crime you ask? For simply sitting down at the wrong spot on the bus she and her boyfriend were beaten, with Sarah nearly loosing her life in the process. The suspects, 6 boys and 3 girls, are all middle school students aged 14 and 15. They have all been arraigned and charged as juveniles.

It is indicative of the character of the attackers that their parents are already running to the press stating that they were insulted by Miss Kesser and her boyfriend. This is not corroborated by police but goes to show you that when ‘victimized’ that blacks feel they can do anything without penalty. One needn’t be reminded of the Long Beach attacks and the brutal beatdown at Jena that goes to show you that we whites are on our own with no help from the media or our government.

Not to be outdone by inner city blacks, 6 Latino men attacked a Boston firefighter who was simply going to pick up a takeout order at 2:45 am. His crime, the Latino’s said “We don’t want any gringo here.” These thugs have no excuse for their actions as when the firefighter was accosted at the restaurant by the men, he hopped in his car to leave but was followed on foot by his attackers who jumped him as soon as he got out of his vehicle. Thankfully he was able to make it to his station before bleeding to death.

As many times as this happens to our people I never cease to be horrified by it and also know that it is only going to get worse as our demographics shift more and more against us. The attacks are growing more brazen and minorities are growing more aggressive by openly excusing or even praising the attacks. Only when our people wake up and smell the roses can we put a stop to these atrocities.