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Chicano gang members desecrate Vietnam memorial with "Kill Whites." News Team

Local Chicano gang members in New Haven desecrated a Vietnam Veterans memorial with gang signs for MS-13 and the phrase “Kill Whites.”

MS-13 is the most well organized criminal gang in the Western Hemisphere. It is based in El Salvadore, and has a rigid international command structure that is unheard of in other ethnic gangs. MS-13 members subscribe to a radical Chicano ideology, which they use to justify criminal activity in the United States. MS-13 gang members identify themselves with “Aztec Warriors.” The Aztecs being possibly the bloodiest and most feared native culture before the Spanish arrived.

In many large cities, MS-13 and other affiliated Chicano gangs have put rival non-Chicano gangs, particularly black gangs, out of business. MS-13 is a major problem for over 100 American cities caused by our open border with Mexico.

[youtube 1U854PyaQS0]