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December 3: A Big Day for Talk Radio

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Emily Dickenson once wrote, “Assent and you are sane; demur and you are dangerous and must be handled with chains. This is indeed the story of our times in the post-Cultural Revolution America. We who dissent from the cultural Marxist line are given a dose of tyranny just as surely if Comrade Stalin was in charge. While not shot we are sent to the figurative Siberia of sensitivity training, social ostracism, and employment abyss. Resistance is however not futile and December 3 is a case in point as talk radio will be a battleground where our counter-revolution is gaining ground.

Don Imus had the unfortunate circumstance to run afoul of the judges of polite society by referring to the Rutgers female basketball team as “nappy headed ho’s.” While observing the team does lead one to feel nervous, it didn’t warrant the firestorm that befell Imus. He was tried, sentenced, and executed in the court of elite public opinion and lost his show as a result. While no friend of ours, Imus was no given any mercy despite apologizing in person to Al Sharpton. Towards the end of his ordeal Imus seemed to wise up to the fact that no matter what he did that he was to be given no quarter. Thankfully he was able to take NBC to the cleaners financially and on Monday is set to return to the air. My prayer is that Imus is not cowed by those who attacked him last night and shows them the same respect that they gave him.

The big story of December 3 for us is the success of The Political Cesspool in reaching syndication. The staff of the show are all not just friends of the movement but dyed in the wool activists down in the trenches. This makes their success all the more encouraging as it comes by the refusal to compromise or back down from their beliefs. While the SPLC has tried to denigrate their success their very criticism of the show reveals that Dees and Co. are nervous. Well they should be as our movement as a whole as well as the Cesspool have only grown in spite (or perhaps because) of the attacks of the ADL and their ilk. Imagine the impact we shall have in the future with the kind of progress we have made thus far.

The times leave our people crying for champions and heroes. While we are but pygmies in the shadows of men like Washington, Lee, and Wallace we shall do right by their legacy by fighting bravely and resolutely against our foes. The time is now for Middle America to wake up, raise high the battle standards, and join our struggle. Lets go forward together and take America back.