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March to War With Iran Halted.

By The Unreconstructed Southerner

In a setback for the neo-conservatives and foreign lobbyists, American intelligence has revealed that Iran’s nuclear weapons program has lain dormant since 2003. This flies in the face of most public pronouncements by President Bush and members of his administration. Just over a month ago the President demanded support for his Iran policy by raising the specter of World War III. This is a dramatic roadblock in the march to war that members of the Bush Administration, the Israeli lobby, and faux conservatives like Sean Hannity have been rabidly demanding for years now.

This story also puts massive holes in the credibility of those who have tried to demonize President Ahmadenijad as the ‘Hitler of our day.’ As Pat Buchanan has pointed out Iran would have to be suicidal to desire war with the United States or Israel. They have no air force, a skeletal navy, and even if they were to attain a nuclear bomb that one would be vastly outnumbered by the thousands of warheads in America’s arsenal. Israel as well has at least 300 warheads and ballistic missile submarines that would render any nuclear first strike by Iran redundant. The real unspoken fear of the warmongers is that Israel’s nuclear monopoly in the Middle East would be compromised and end any bid for hegemony in the region. Those who criticize Iran’s role in the violence in Iraq ignore the basic truth that Iran and Iraq are neighbors who recently fought a brutal war in which the United States backed and armed Saddam Hussein against Iran.

This report is a great opportunity for those seeking a restoration of an America First foreign policy. As the violence in Iraq wanes, the desire to come home has only grown greater. The case for continued involvement in the region grows thinner and thinner as more Americans realize that our only responsibility is to ourselves and the only border that needs to be defended is our own. This report means short of Iran doing something brazenly stupid that there will be no war with Iran for the rest of George Bush’s term. Thankfully this president will not have a chance to expand upon his already terrible record.