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McCain and Rudy Still Pushing Amnesty in Their Platforms

By The Unreconstructed Southerner

I never cease to be amazed at the unmitigated gall of American politicians who continually try to pull a fast one on the American people. Just months after his campaign was written off for dead due to his support of amnesty, John McCain is still being touted as a major contender in the Republican presidential primary. What has changed you ask? Nothing at all except that there is no imminent amnesty push underway and McCain has been allowed to shift his rhetoric to the physical securing of our border while struggling to avoid mention of his plans for our foreign invaders already present in this nation. He did however at the last GOP debate put forth the idea that he has clung to fiercely that those invaders here should still be given a path to citizenship. It isn’t amnesty he believes because there is a penalty involved. Maybe John McCain needs a lesson in mere vocabulary but for his sake we will spell it out for him. Any legalization of the status of anybody who came into this country illegaly is amnesty, period. They must not be legalized and we will fight tooth and nail against any attempt to do so.

It’s not enough that McCain is still promoting amnesty under the radar but the embattled GOP frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani, is doing so as well. Rudy promises to secure the border by using technology to create a virtual fence. Now one might be pardoned for wondering if he would endorse the idea of virtual jails for criminals but this idea is absurd as time and again when fences are erected they work. Of all people even the Israelis know this. On top of this already absurd stance is Rudy’s echoing of McCain in wanting to give citizenship to the illegal hordes already present on our soil. It is preposterous to think that media engineering will allow these two to skate on this issue but with the media saying that Mike Huckabee is frontrunner material anything is possible in this world.

The media is working overtime to ensure that the GOP has a nominee that subscribes to the agenda of the Left while locking out candidates like Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo. If media coverage were fair it is a reasonable assumption that Paul and Tancredo would be the frontrunners, not Giuliani and McCain. The American people must not be allowed to forget that McCain and Giuliani are snakes in the grass hoping to tempt us into tasting the forbidden fruit that will forever banish us from paradise. They ought to be and hopefully will be rejected in the coming weeks of the Republican primary.