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Mike Huckabee's record of leftism. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

In 2005, Mike Huckabee was a keynote speaker, along with the CEO of Tyson Chicken, at a League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) conference. At that event, Huckabee was given a standing ovation for denigrating white people.

“Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,” said Huckabee, who supported the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty Bill with religious fanaticism, saying that God wanted America to pass it, and insinuating that those who oppose it are racists.

In 2007, Huckabee was the Keynote speaker for the far-left NEA’s national conference. The NEA opposes private schools and homeschooling while advocating a federalized curriculum. While governor of Arkansas, Huckabee repealed parts of the Arkansas Homeschoolers Rights Act signed into law by Clinton. This made Arkansas the most hostile state to homeschoolers in the South.

Huckabee also has the worst record for raising taxes and government spending. He raised taxes across the board as Governor of Arkansas and increased state spending by a staggering 47%.

Now Huckabee is making taxes, immigration, and homeschooling the centerpiece of his campaign. He says that he has converted to a tax reformer, an illegal immigration stopper, and a homeschool supporter. All of these conversions have come about just the past few months. Are we supposed to believe that just because Huckabee, who looked around for the issues with the most support and casually changed his views to match popular opinion, will actual govern that way?

Huckabee claims to support the FAIR Tax. He admits that, prior to April 2007, he had never even heard of the FAIR Tax before. Huckabee is a career supporter of open immigration. Are you going to believe that in the last two months Huckabee has really seen the light after a consistent 10 years of being a radical open borders politician? Do you for a second believe that the same man who repealed homoschoolers rights in Arkansas and is arm in arm with the NEA is going to support homeschoolers if he was president? Give me a break.