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POLITICAL CESSPOOL UPDATES / Syndication and Website Improvements!

As we all know, The Political Cesspool offers luminescence for our People during these dark and ominous times. Our strength, leadership and three-year track record of consistent success has separated us from others who have not stood the test of time. Along the way we have scored victories and proven that we are the future. Earlier this summer we promised you results if you could help us reach our fundraising goals. Well, you answered that clarion call and we’ve made good on our word.

Beginning on Monday, December 3, previous episodes of The Political Cesspool will air via the Dixie Broadcasting Radio Network and their affiliate stations! Our award-winning show will be broadcast each weekday on DBN from 9am – 11am Eastern Time. This is a huge step forward for our groundbreaking efforts and is an exciting opportunity that will allow us to deliver our uplifting message to thousands more of our kinsmen! Naturally, you will still be able to tune into our live show every Monday – Friday on AM 1380 WLRM radio in Memphis and through our internet simulcast from 7pm – 9pm Central Time.

Better yet, we are still entertaining offers from additional outlets that will grant our program access to even more markets! Together, we WILL take our media back!


Political Cesspool webmaster Geoff Melton has invested countless hours over the last week implementing a variety of exciting improvements and modifications to our official website! You will immediately notice a fresh “paint job” and other cosmetic changes, but also be ready to explore our other renovations, which currently include:

THE POLITICAL CESSPOOL MERCHANDISE SHOP – That’s right! You can now purchase Political Cesspool gear online when visiting our internet headquarters! Stock up on a number of great treats, such as: hats, t-shirts, golf shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, wall clocks and several other items that feature our distinctive Political Cesspool logo! Buy some of these gifts for yourself or for a friend — just in time for Christmas! Visit our online store TODAY!

ALL NEW EXTENSIVE PHOTO GALLERY – We are really excited to unveil a BRAND NEW photo gallery featuring selected pictures of the hosts and staff over the past three years. There are nearly three dozen pictures available for immediate viewing, with many more to be added within the coming days! Go check out our photo gallery and see your favorite talk radio personalities in action!

ONLINE POLLING FEATURE – Let your voice be heard by voting in our weekly polls! In last week’s poll, the question was asked, “Which of the following extremist organizations is the most anti-European American and anti-Christian?” The results are in! According to our listeners, the ADL is the winner with 49.4% of the vote, followed by; The Mainstream Media (17.2%), The Southern Poverty Law Center (11.6%), The United Nations (11.1%) and The Bush Administration (10.5%).

The current question is, “Which of the following events is most likely to happen first in the United States?” Your choices are: 1) Our country will become Balkanized, 2) We will plunge into an economic collapse, 3) Guns will be confiscated and Constitutionalists will be rounded up and deposited into the Gulag, or 4) The founding stock of this Nation (Europeans/Christians) will reclaim America’s destiny

Go vote now! A new question will be uploaded on Tuesday morning.

REALTIME CHATROOM – Geoff also added a real-time chatroom that will allow listeners of our show to converse with one another while we’re on-air!

TRADITIONAL FEATURES STILL AVAILABLE – While we are elated at the new improvements to our website, all of our former features are still available and better than ever! Be sure to check out Winston Smith’s blog, our online discussion forum and news watch section! All of this and more available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

To browse around all of the thrilling new features, please visit:

And finally…

It is our annual tradition to mail out staff Christmas cards! We have these cards custom made and the theme for this year is “White Christmas.” I am pleased to announce that this year’s edition is hot of the press and will be mailed out to those who have contributed financially to our efforts. If you have ever donated to The Political Cesspool, be on the lookout for our card to land in your mailbox later this week!

Christmas is a very special time for our People and sending you a Christmas card is the least we can do in return for the support you continue to show. It’s our way of saying, “thanks.” Display our card proudly on your door or mantle and know that we will faithfully continue to serve as your mainstream media voice…during Christmas and always.

If you’d like to receive our Christmas card, simply e-mail your mailing address to: