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SPLC claims Ignacio and Ramos committed a "hate crime." News Team

SPLC insinuates that conservatives are causing people to commit crimes against Latinos, however even the SPLC is having a hard time coming up with any evidence of such crimes.

(by Kyle Rogers)

The extremist far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, who’s founder was chief fundraiser for the Ted Kennedy for President campaign, has declared that the self-defense minor wounding of an illegal alien drug smuggler by Ignacio and Ramos was a “hate crime.” The SPLC groups the two agents in with “racist skinheads” and says they committed an “anti-Latino hate crime” even though one of the agents was Latino himself.

In fact, the SPLC blames the “national debate over immigration” for causing racially motivated violence against Latinos.

In an article comically entitled “violence engulfs Latinos,” lists 32 entries as evidence of Latinos being engulfed by violence. The entries span a three year period. Which means the SPLC had to go back three years to find this many cases.

Three of the entries are about inconsequential people posting violent statements on the internet. One of the entries is about a minutemen who was falsely charged with battery for political reasons and acquitted. Six entries are about vandalism. One entry is the Ignacio and Ramos incident. Two are for gun-related charges in which the SPLC claims the person would have committed a crime against Latinos. One entry is conspiracy to commit arson. 14 entries are assaults, some of which involve robberies. Many are minor assaults, but some involve serious injuries.

Four of the entries are murders, or alleged murders. The first is a Cuban murdered by whites in Missouri. The second is the murder of six Mexicans by black serial killers in Georgia. The third is a Hispanic killed by a racially mixed group in New York City. The fourth is an alledged murder of an illegal alien by a border patrol agent. This allegation is still being fought out in the courts. The border patrol agent has been charged with 2nd degree murder, but not yet convicted of anything.

So there you have it. In this wave of violence which has “engulfed” Latinos, the SPLC can only find 4 “murders” in three years. Only one appears to actually be a racially motivated murder. The Mexicans killed in Georgia were killed by black serial killers who preyed on illegal aliens for convenience and were motivated by a desire to take their money, not make a political statement. Often illegal aliens carry large wads of cash, and that is what the murderers wanted. The third murder was a Hispanic killed in New York City. An internet search on the murder turned up no information. However one of the five perpetrators has an Egyptian surname, one has a surname common to Peru, and two have surnames that are Spanish. The fifth has an English sounding surname.

The fourth so-called murder, is unproven in court. The border patrol maintains that it was self-defense. The witnesses in the case that have accused the border patrol agent are illegal aliens who are family members.

So there you have it. Latinos are “engulfed” by violence because of the rhetoric of conservatives that simple want to protect America. In this sea of violence and hate, the SPLC can only find one actual racially-motivated murder over the course of three years!

However, according the Congressman Steve King (R-IA), illegal aliens murder more people in the US each year than 9/11. Illegal alien drunk drivers kill more Americans each year than 9/11. King called illegal immigration a “slow motion terrorist attack” and gave the statistics to prove it. Anyone can get on Google News and effortlessly find news stories about a dozen Americans killed by illegals in the past week. You don’t have to go back three years like the SPLC.

The purpose of the article by the SPLC is to insinuate that conservatives fighting for a secure border and causing people to commit violent acts. The article is motivated by the SPLC’s extreme left-wing agenda and their desire to raise money. The SPLC routinely published incendiary writings aimed at getting people to donate money to them. The SPLC has amassed over 150 million, and pays lavish salaries to it’s top executives. The SPLC has been denounced by a variety of newspapers and magazine, including ones on the left, as a money making hustle. Even Harpers Weekly ran an expose’ on the SPLC entitled the Church of Morris Dees.

With the striking rise in violent crime that comes with illegal aliens, the article should be titled, “Illegal Aliens engulf US in Violence.”