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State Government Sponsored Genocide


From the News Team…

Washington – Immigration and multiculturalism are vital to maintaining the productivity and creativity of the United States, says Gary Weaver, a specialist in cross-cultural adaptation from American University (AU) in Washington. According to Weaver, the United States has averaged about 1 million new legal immigrants a year since 1964, and some 70 percent to 80 percent of them have been people of color.

“Americans come in all colors, and by 2040 non-Hispanic white people will be a minority. In fact, today, in four of our states [Texas, California, New Mexico, Hawaii] and the District of Columbia, white people are a minority. Two of these states are our largest states!” he said.

It is difficult, but possible, to keep the old traditions and languages, Weaver said. About one-third of the children of Hispanic and Asian immigrants marry outside their ethnic group, and thus “mixing takes place very quickly in this country.”

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