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The Baltimore Nine – Another Black-on-White Hate Crime


By Winston Smith

Last week, Sarah Kreager, 26, and her friend Troy Ellis boarded a Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) bus, when a pack of nine Black thug animals viciously attacked them. Witnesses say that when Sarah tried to take a seat, one of the thugs told her she couldn’t. Whenever she tried to take other empty seats, another Black punk jumped in front of her, saying the empty seats were reserved. Finally, Sarah simply took an empty seat. And the gang of sub-humans fell upon her like the hyenas they are.

Troy sustained minor injuries. But Sarah suffered two broken bones around her left eye socket, several deep lacerations on the top of her head, and another laceration near the top of her neck, having been repeatedly and savagely punched, kicked, and dragged off the bus. The MTA Police say it wasn’t a hate crime. Well, the sun rises in the east, Spring follows Winter, and just as naturally, the parents of the thugs are claiming victimhood. Nevermind the fact that one of the Baltimore Nine thugs stated that “no racial slurs were exchanged.”

When the Jena noose incident occurred, it almost instantly became international news, complete with regularly-scheduled follow-up reports. Canadian news outlets reported it. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported it. The Times of London reported it. Of course, the American media saturated news outlets with bombastic reports, excruciating analysis, and incendiary interviews. It became a prominent feature of The $outhern Poverty Law Center’s donation campaign. This evening, I searched the overseas news outlets for any mention on Sarah Kreager’s plight. I found nothing.

The Baltimore incident is the latest in a terrible spate of brutal and inhuman attacks on European Americans; the Wichita Massacre, in which two Black animals shot five Whites, execution-style; the Moore County Five, who put two bullets into the head of 12 year-old Emily Haddock; the Knoxville Five, who kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered Channon Christian and Chris Newsom; the Jena Six, who beat Justine Barker to a pulp over a a noose incident that even a Black United States attorney said was not racially motivated. And now we have the Baltimore Nine.

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