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The Council of Conservative Citizens, A Proud Organization for a Proud People

By The Unreconstructed Southerner

2007 has indeed been a time that has tried our souls. With Jena, the attempts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, and continued assaults on our culture the seas of our time are indeed stormy. Yet I put to you this question, what would it have been like without the CofCC? Imagine this year without this determined cadre of brave men and women who have given of their time, their wallets, and made the sacrifices necessary to defend our nation and our people. 2007 would have been a dark time indeed and despite the hard times progress is being made. Amnesty was defeated, the truth about the Jena 6 is getting out there, and our people have made strides that will carry us into the new year with a determination that we shall save our country from those who would turn it into a Third World cesspool.

For those of you who haven’t joined the CofCC and have been given pause by claims that we are a ‘hate group’ I ask you this, is America getting any better off these days? When you read our platform do you find any words attacking or denouncing other groups? You do not and will not because our organization, while formed to combat forces that seek to usurp our freedom, is motivated by the same spirit that our Founders were so long ago. Government mandated welfare, affirmative action, Third World immigration, and so many other matters is Balkanizing our country, the same country your children and their children will live in. Do you want them to inherit the country that was passed down to you, or a country where freedom is but a memory and prosperity an illusion? Every last man and woman in this organization is motivated by love of country and kin, not anger and hate. If anyone is motivated by hate it is the people who label us a ‘hate group’ and denounce us every chance they get.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is not bound by political correctness or Beltway wisdom. We are salt of the earth good people who work hard and seek to better ourselves while preserving our culture that made our nation and our civilization the greatest the world has ever seen. This Christmas season, if you want to make a difference, if you want to stand up for America then do so by joining the Council of Conservative Citizens and letting all know that you care for the future of your nation and your people. Joining today will be a decision you will not regret and you will be able to say I did my part in taking America back.