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Are US Elections Rigged?

John McCain(by Beauregarde)

The candidate with the charisma of an automatic teller machine won the South Carolina Republican primary. John McCain, who was overwhelmingly rejected by South Carolina voters in 2000, has made a remarkable comeback… though not from laying low in a shallow political grave for eight years. McCain’s South Carolina rebound was unbelievably rapid.

Polls taken in November and December of last year* consistently put John McCain behind Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson in South Carolina and indicated McCain’s support did not exceed 10%. Yet he surmounted a 24% statistical deficit to win. That’s quite a climb for a man whose name was washed with spit in South Carolina for eight years.

South Carolinians have deeply engraved political memories. Small scandals and improprieties by elected officials brush off easily in the Palmetto State, but what voters there do not forget, nor forgive, is any act that is arrogant, self-righteous, rude, or uppity. Such attitudes bring to mind General Sherman and his gang. Also Mitt Romney.

Eight years ago, John McCain, who has all the integrity of a deck of Tarot cards, said some ugly things about the Confederate flag at a time when the vast majority of South Carolinians were battling the NAACP, the national media, and the establishment elites to keep the flag flying over the state capitol. He then promptly lost the GOP primary, and the nomination, to George W. Bush. Did South Carolina have a change of heart and forgive McCain’s betrayal from almost a decade ago? Not likely, not in a state that defiantly posts the Confederate flag in front of the statehouse.

Here’s the point. McCain’s victory in SC cannot be explained away as rolling surf from his win in New Hampshire. No political tide from New England makes much of a splash on South Carolina shores. However, McCain has powerful collaborators in the state, including Richard Quinn and his son young Rick, who is in the state legislature. His consulting firm, Richard Quinn & Associates, was investigated in 2002 for using a fake e-mail to smear fellow Republican Larry Richter. Quinn’s firm works for McCain’s presidential bid and is handling Lindsey Graham’s re-election campaign this year. (Quinn’s political views are paradoxical. In the past, he was pro-Confederate and anti-MLK, but he clings to a “shadow liberals” like McCain and Graham.)

John McCain’s captors in Hanoi learned from Stalin that who counts the votes matters more than who votes. McCain may have studied Soviet-style elections himself. Americans should wonder who counted the votes in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Should the UN or some other organization monitor US elections, as our government often demands of countries where the US wants to secure “democracy”?

*Polls by Mason Dixon Polling & Research, Insider Advantage, and others can be viewed at USA Election Polls .