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As Housing Market Slows, Illegal Aliens Begin to Harass Shoppers at Home Depot

From The Unreconstructed Southerner

A simple trip to a hardware store to buy lumber and building supplies has become the equivalent of running a gauntlet of Third World criminals. With housing construction way down, many illegal aliens are now jobless and desparate. Not even Washington, DC is safe.

The once red hot housing market in Northern Virginia and Maryland is now shrinking and with it the need for construction jobs that often went to illegal aliens. Unfortunately for citizens of the District, it means that they are now harassed by day laborers desperate for employment or in some cases just to go to the restroom.

Don’t count on the District of Colombia to do anything because there is no law against loitering. It is getting so bad at the DC Home Depot that drivers will brave the horrible traffic to drive outside the District into Virginia or Maryland just so they won’t have to deal with being babbled at in Spanish for just being in the parking lot. Such is the product of sanctuary city policies that leave the city limits swamped with Third World invaders who have no place in America and need to be returned to their country as soon as possible. Then again it is only fitting that the criminals in Capitol Hill should see their province swamped by fellow criminals from the Third World.