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Ballot Box Integrity or Fraud


From the News Team…

On January 9, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments for one of the biggest election law cases in years. This case might decide who becomes president of the United States in a close election, and shape the future of the country. The Court will hear arguments in the consolidated cases of Crawford v. Marion County and Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita. At issue in the case is Indiana’s new voter ID law.

This law requires people showing up on Election Day to show government-issued picture identification. It only applies to people voting in person. But if a person does not have a driver’s license, passport or other government ID, Indiana will allow them to get a state picture ID at their local DMV, free of charge. This law is designed to stop instances of dead people voting, living people voting twice, or fictitious persons using names like Daffy Duck or James Bond to vote. Yet some oppose this law, and it will now be decided by the Supreme Court.

As this case shows, voter fraud is always a danger to democracy. Briefs in the case show that the number of votes cast in Wisconsin in 2004 exceeded the number of registered voters by over 4,600. Since you can’t have more votes than you have voters, there was clearly fraud going on there. And since that amounted to about two percent of the total state vote, in a close election that could determine who takes the governorship, a Senate seat, or even the White House.

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