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Barack Hussein Obama

From the News Team…

Since most people have short memories, let’s do a recap on Barack Hussein Obama since he won the Iowa primaries. Obama told the nation’s largest Hispanic advocacy group La Raza, (the race) that he earned their support for his presidential campaign by marching in last year’s May 1 immigrant rallies and challenged them to learn whether others met that standard. Let’s see, over 70 percent of the American People shot down McCain’s Amnesty bill last year and yet Obama and Huckabee who also supported Amnesty wins Iowa.

Last year during the national anthem Obama said he doesn’t need an American flag lapel pin to show that he’s patriotic. Apparently he doesn’t need to put his hand over his heart either. Obama, who was raised in a Muslim school in Indonesia and belongs to a Black Nationalist church in Chicago, and is a member of the CFR, doesn’t think normal standards of candidate patriotism (or even feigned patriotism) apply to him.


Let’s take a look at his church’s principles. If you look at the first page of their website, Trinity United Church of Christ you will learn that this congregation has a non-negotiable commitment to Africa. Nowhere is AMERICA even mentioned. Voters need to wake up and research the candidates; there is no excuse anymore because we have the internet now. If you truly care about freedom which is what the Constitution is all about (Our God Given Rights) then start holding politicians accountable if they stray away from that which our founding fathers and our ancestors founded, settled, fought and died for.