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CNN: 69%-79% of black males support Obama. News Team

(Differences in Democratic Party voting trends based on race and gender, by Kyle Rogers)

Black males, supporting a Democratic candidate,  will vote as a near monolith for Obama. Or so a new poll by CNN shows. Black women are more divided, roughly 50% for Obama and 40% for Hillary plus or minus.

What is interesting is that among white males, CNN shows a three way tie between Obama, Clinton, and Edwards. Among White women, Clinton has a majority.

Media hype that white males would reject Clinton for being a women or Obama for being black are shown to be false in this CNN poll. If fact it is the other way around. Women prefer a female candidate, blacks overwhelming prefer the black candidate, while whites are evenly divided three ways between a white male, a white female, and a black male.

Denis Kucinich, a near unknown, has a small level of support among white males but virtually nothing among women or blacks. Since the media never covers Kucinich, this suggests to me that white male Democrats have spent more time investigating and comparing the candidates on their own.

What is even more intriguing, is that 67% of blacks and only 49% of whites plus or minus 4.5% said they “strongly” support their candidate. The rest said they only “moderately” supported the candidate they chose. This would suggest, since blacks overwhelmingly chose Obama, that blacks are more likely to “strongly” support Obama, then white candidates support whoever they chose.

The far-left media is always trying to paint a picture that white people won’t vote for a black candidate. When investigating elections one finds the much more obvious trend that blacks won’t vote for a white candidate if a black is running. Just look at New Orleans. Blacks re-elected the worst mayor in the US, shocking whites who underestimated the tribalness of black voting behavior.

In fact, Mayor Ray Nagin campaigned on an explicitly racial platform. He told blacks that he wanted to keep the city majority black. He told black audiences that the white candidates “don’t look like us.” On election day, 80% of blacks voted for Nagin, despite several experienced and credible white candidates in the running. How is that for bias?