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Dr. Frankenstein and the Democratic Party's Race Problem

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Those who have read Mary Shelley’s famous book will know that it is a case of unintended consequences of what happens when someone attempts to play God. Dr. Frankenstein attempted to harness the secret of life in creating the very monster that would destroy him and everyone he loved. One would recommend this book for the leadership of the Democratic Party and the Clinton’s in particular as they have ran head on into what Pat Buchanan calls the politics of tribalism. In attempting to harness the power of black nationalism for their and the Democratic Party’s political benefit they have indeed created a Frankenstein monster and the chickens are coming home to roost for the Clintons.

At issue in the dispute between the black community and the Clinton’s was Bill’s recent labeling of Barack Obama as a fairy tale and Hillary’s alleged diminishing of the role of Martin Luther King in promoting the Civil Rights movement. Nevermind that Obama was raised a Muslim and goes to a radical black nationalist church and that Martin Luther King was nothing but a liar, plagiarist, and sexual deviant. The Clinton’s have committed the unpardonable which is ironic as both went out of their way during Bill’s gubernatorial and presidential reigns to cultivate black support. Both Hillary and Bill are hypocrites of the worst sort as while they expect the rest of us to live with the results of their support of blacks, they live in one of New York’s most lily white areas. It also goes to show that the dog has bitten the hand that has fed it and no matter the betrayal of European-Americans by Democrats on behalf of blacks, the blacks will support one of their own over anyone. Frankensteins monster has indeed turned on the Clintons and they may reap very bitter fruit in South Carolina’s primary and in the future.

Don’t count on mainstream conservatives or Republicans to demonstrate much wisdom in response to the Clinton’s and Democrat’s problems. One can only cringe as Republicans cite their own actions on behalf of blacks in helping break the filibuster against the Civil Rights Bill and passing the Voting Rights Act and establishing the permanence of Cultural marxist tyranny in our lives. Let us not forget that with the exception of heroes like Jesse Helms, that it was Republicans like Newt Gingrich who gave us Martin Luther King Day and reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act in recent years. Both political parties are indeed full of examples of white guilt and sickening pandering to those who keep on extending their demanding hands expecting more, more more.

Whether or not Barack Obama wins or looses against Hillary Clinton, these events only prove that multiculturalism and diversity are a pestilence that threatens to destroy America in our lifetimes. Only when European-Americans come together as one and unite to defeat the forces arrayed against this can we ensure that our nation survives for our posterity as a First World nation. It can and must be done and God willing we will get it done.