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Hands Off Governor Tillman's Statue

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

(Update: A recent poll by South Carolina’s largest newspaper show that  45% oppose removing or altering the statue. Only 29% are in favor of removing the statue. It should also be noted that in 2000 the NAACP was allowed to design it’s own monument in a failed attempt to appease the anti-white group. The monument designed by the NAACP, is a hideous monstrosity that clashes with all the other monuments. It depicts a fictional version of slavery design to incite black hatred against white people. Today the white mayor of Columbia spoke at the NAACP MLK march to grovel and call for the statue to be altered.)

This past year Southern heritage activists fought back in North Carolina against attempts by the NAACP and the politically correct press to distort events in Wilmington, NC in 1898 that turned violent thanks to a black rabble rouser and his inflammatory newspaper. Now it seems that South Carolina is now facing the forces of historical distortion seeking to rewrite history for their own contemporary benefit. Their target, former Governor Benjamin Tillman (1890-1894) and his statue which stands outside the South Carolina Capitol Dome.

SC Rep. Tom Rutherford is sponsoring a bill in the legislature demanding the removal of Governor Tillman’s statue for what Rutherford considers Tillman’s politically incorrect stances and statements as Governor and US Senator. Unfortunately Republican Governor Sanford seems all too eager to attack Tillman as well which he did in his State of the State address. This has no place in the body politic. Governor Tillman was a hero who stood up for South Carolina and resisted the efforts of carpetbaggers and scalawags following the War Between the States that left the South devastated and destitute. Tillman honorably represented his state as governor and in Washington as a US Senator and doesn’t deserve to have his name drug through the mud.

To act on this issue I urge everyone to call SC Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell’s office at (803) 734-3125 and demand that he table this measure and leave Governor Tillman be. The CofCC will stand up to all attempts to denigrate or attack Southern heritage while standing up for middle America everywhere. Please take action and if you are not already a member I urge you to join the CofCC today and begin the hard march to take this country back.