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Hispanics and Liberals give McCain win in Florida. News Team

(Don;t believe media propaganda about eminent McCain victory. by Kyle Rogers)

Exit polls show that Hispanics and Liberal delivered McCain his win in Florida. McCain got 36% of the vote overall. However, Hispanics accounted for 11% of Republican voters and over half voted McCain. Liberals accounted for 11% of Florida voters and half voted McCain.

Among the 61% who identified themselves as “conservative,” Romney wins with 37% and McCain is eight points behind!

Further, Giuliani’s withdraw is not the garauntee for McCain as the media would have you believe. Only 24% of Giuliani voters said McCaiin is their second choice in Florida. 25% said Mitt Romney and 17% said Fred Thompson. Thompson remained on the Florida ballot due to state law, even though he had already announced his withdraw.

Romney and McCain have won the same number of states. Romney’s wins have been much bigger wins then McCain. Romney has never come in less than 2nd place. McCain came in 4th in Iowa, Wyoming, and 3rd in Nevada.  McCain’s largest vote total has been 37%. Romney got 51% in Nevada, approx. 50% in Wyoming, and 39% in Michigan. Three vote totals higher than anything McCain has achieved.

McCain would be tanking right now, if not for the non-stop nation-wide pro-McCain propaganda campaign by the national media. The liberal media wants McCain to win, so conservatives stay home on election day. A McCain victory is the surest way to get Hillary or Obama into the White House.

It is easy to see that Romney will take the West, McCain will take the liberal Northeast. The battle will be over the south and midwest. If support for Huckabee wanes in the center of the country, Romney will fill most of the void.