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Huckabee plays DIRTY in South Carolina. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

So much for Huckabee’s transparently disingenuous pledge that he is too Christian to go negative.

South Carolina Republicans are receiving negative ads to promote Huckabee on their telephone via automatic dialers. The message on the automatic dialer claims to be a political poll. It asks a few generic questions to convince you that it is a real poll. Then it says “between Huckabee, McCain, Romney, and Thompson, who would you vote for.” If you select anyone but Huckabee, you hear an extended attack piece on that candidate followed by claims that Huckabee’s record is better all posed in the form of a question.

The negative messages claim that the other candidates are weak on abortion and want to raise taxes, while Huckabee is pro life and wants to reform taxes. In fact, Huckabee raised taxes across the board as governor of Arkansas. He increase the state budget by a staggering 47%.

Huckabee is also a fanatical supporter of Amnesty, claiming just last year that God wants us to pass the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. He even insinuated that those opposed to amnesty are “racists.” Huckabee is tight with the NEA, and was even the keynote speaker for the 2007 NEA national convention. The NEA is opposed to private and homeschoolers rights and wants a federal curriculum chock full of left-wing brainwashing. As governor of Arkansas Huckabee signed a law repealing parts of Bill Clinton’s Homeschoolers Rights Act. That’s right, Bill Clinton made it easier to homeschool in Arkansas and Huckabee then reversed parts of the act Clinton signed. When Huckabee left office, Arkansas was the most hostile state for homeschoolers in the south.