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Hypocrisy In Radioland

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

No sooner then Don Imus gets his job back then the guardians of political correctness have their hatchets sharpened and ready to go again in talk radio. While the mainstream conservative movement has long been worthless on so many important issues it’s only fair that when someone is wrongly attacked that they be defended. In the latest case of cultural censorship is longtime talk radio show host Bob Grant who was scheduled to recieve a prestigious lifetime award for his career in the business. Unfortunately left wing zealots dug up past comments he’d made about Haitians illegaly attempting to wash up in Florifa and on the mass perversions known as gay pride parades. No sooner had this surfaced then the award was revoked from Grant and to add insult to injury Al Sharpton will be giving an address at the same venue where Bob was to have recieved his award.

The lessons from the latest spat between Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama and this current episode is that the media is actively crusading against anyone who brings up the issue of race relations in any way short of laying prostrate at the altar of diversity. Anyone can and will be targeted as Kyle Rogers ably pointed out that if Bill Clinton is taken to task then one can only suspect what would happen to race realists. It is up to us to march to the sound of the guns when the battle is joined over contemporary issues of race relations in America. Ron Paul’s newsletters were right that Martin Luther King was a fiend and a scoundrel deserving of derision not a federal holiday, Bob Grant was right about the negative impact of Haitians coming to Florida, and Bill Clinton was right that Obama’s campaign is the biggest fairy tale brought to us by a controlled media salivating at the prospect of driving the stake through the heart of European-American racial conciousness and resistance.

While the elites may deny it and seek to cover it up a backlash is growing among Americans. Not one of violence as the SPLC and ADL claim. It takes a black firefighter hanging his own noose and a student at George Washington University carving swastikas on her own door to create the hoaxes that Mark Potok and Abe Foxman then rush around with the wild eyed look screaming the bigots are coming the bigots are coming. No Mark and Abe, it is the righteous anger of an America who is being sick and tired of being spoon fed lies that we are an evil people and nation that must permanently pander to minorities and elites who plunder the treasury on our dime. It is the moral conscience of a nation that knows something has gone horribly wrong somewhere and we want our country back. Only when we come together in this organization and cease to be politically correct in our speech, manners, and actions will that happen. But as long as there is a fight to be had you will see the members of our organization marching forward for faith and nation to stand up for America and our people.