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Is ARG for real? News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

For the past year, the American Research Group (ARG), has been publishing the most outlandish primary polls of any outfit. Two days ago, they published a SC poll, claiming Ron Paul had 1% and Alan Keys had 2%. Interesting results considering Alan Keyes is not even on the ballot in South Carolina!

The Mason-Dixon claimed in Jan. 17th that Paul would get 7% in Nevada. Half of what he actually got! Do you still think the “polls” are all fair?

Meanwhile CNN has published interesting entrance poll data on the Democratic caucus in Nevada. Much as I predicted, blacks voted Obama by 83%. Blacks, who usually vote in much lower numbers than whites, appear to have come out in droves this time. 15% of Democratic caucus goers and 1% of Republican caucus goers were black in a state that is less than 8% black. The elusive Hispanic voters were missing in action. While Nevada is over 25% Hispanic, they constituted 15% of Democrats and 8% of Republicans. On the Democrat front, they vote  64% voted Hillary. Another group that came out in droves for the Democratic caucus were Jews, of whom 67% voted for Hillary. Pundits such as Hannity have suggested that the Jewish vote has moved away from Obama since his connections to the Nation of Islam have been revealed. Voter turnout in the Democratic caucus was reportedly far higher than the Republican side.

The Nevada caucus foretells landslide victories for Obama in states like SC, GA, AL, MS, AR, NC, VA, LA, NJ,  and IL (expect record-breaking cheating in Chicago) where blacks could turn out in unusually large numbers and vote overwhelmingly for Obama. Hillary may even be in the fight of her life in New York!