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LA Homeless advocate to run as anti-immigration candidate. News Team

A high profile advocate for homeless people in Los Angeles, Ted Hayes, plans to run for congress as an anti-immigration candidate. He plans to challenge pro-immigration black liberal Maxine Waters.

Hayes accuses the black leadership in America with selling out the black community on immigrations. Hayes points out that the illegal immigration invasion has been particularly harmful to blacks seeking jobs and affordable housing. Blacks who perform low skilled jobs, have to work for lower wages or can’t find work at all as employers fill their ranks with Hispanics who work for minimum wage and/or under the table wages. Hayes points to landscaping and city government jobs had all black crews a few years ago and are now all Hispanic.

Recently Hayes led a group of black men to meet with Maxine Waters in DC. Waters refused to see them and called the police. Hayes was charged with disorderly conduct, but later acquitted.