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Lone activist makes huge difference in community. News Team (by Kyle Rogers)

Lone activist tells whites to unite and speak out against surging black on white violence.

Let me tell you about what a lone activist has accomplished in Rockaway Beach, NY. Rockaway Beach was once a majority Irish section of Queens. Rockaway is still a majority white area, but a local public school (PS 225) is almost all black and Hispanic. Black and Hispanic students are bused in from two other districts, causing most white families to seek private schools.

The white students, who’s parents can not afford private schools, are treated cruelly by the black students. They are subjected to racial taunts and beatings daily. School officials simply ignore the problem and pretend like it doesn’t exist. In October of 2007, a father of a young white boy filed for an emergency safety transfer. The student was being beaten up by gangs of blacks on a daily basis.

On October 19, the parent arrived at the school to check on the status of his transfer request when he spotted a large gang of black kids attacking his son on the playground. The father ran onto the playground to break up the assault. The school, which had refused to do anything about the recurring violence, had the father arrested for trespassing.

The incident sparked a lone activist to distribute hundreds of flyers. The flyer describes how the activist was a student at the school when busing first ruined it and how he himself was verbally and physically abused by blacks on a daily basis. The flyer urged white people to united and speak out against black on white violence.

The reaction from school officials was to deny the problem, the reaction from police was to threaten the man by insinuating he would be prosecuted for a hate crime! The extreme left-wing Anti-Defamation league publicly attacked the flyer and called it an “attack on the community.” I have been in contact with this gentlemen, but he does not want his name used to avoid harassment from the police.

However, the Rockaway daily newspaper, The Wave, printed the flyer at the top of the front page. They also interviewed the father of another student who stated that it was all true and that his son had also been victimized by black thugs. “What they do to my son breaks my heart,” said the father.

The Wave then printed a few letters to the editor agreeing with the flyer and/or telling stories of how their children or people they know had been victims of black on white violence. One letter was from a black woman who said her daughter was brutally attacked on a number of occasions by other black girls for receiving good grades. She said her daughter was told that if she makes honor roll again she would be beaten. On the day that honor roll certificates were given out, she came home bloody, with chunks of hair ripped out, and her certificate destroyed.