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McCain, Romney battle in tight Republican race in Flordia

From the News Team…


Florida will be a crucial test of which of those issues will resonate with the Republican Party, whose core voters are a major force among the 1.5 million people expected to turn out for the state’s primary on Tuesday.

McCain and Romney split the last three contests — McCain won South Carolina and Romney won Michigan and scarcely contested Nevada. A new Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll showed the two deadlocked at 30 percent each in Florida.

Republican candidates will debate the issues Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CNN in their final meeting before the Super Tuesday primaries. The Democratic candidates will debate on Thursday.

Speaking Sunday to CNN’s “Late Edition,” Huckabee rejected the words of a New York Times editorial endorsing McCain for the Republican nomination. The editorial called Huckabee “affable” and “reassuring,” but said his “policies tell the real story. To attract Republican primary voters, he has become an anti-immigrant absolutist. His insertion of religion into the race, herding Mr. Romney into a defense of his beliefs, disqualifies him from the Oval Office.”

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has slammed a US economic stimulus package based on tax-refunds and called for fiscal prudence and less Federal Reserve money printing, which caused the current turmoil in the first place. The sub-prime bubble he points out was caused by rates as low as one percent maintained by the Fed under Alan Greenspan which led to reckless lending and a property bubble. Now the Fed was giving its own ‘stimulus’ by cutting rates.

The Mainstream Media would like the public to think that Ron Paul does not exist, or is simply making up the numbers (and has absolutely no chance of winning), the fact is that Paul does have substantial support (which is growing despite the lack of MSM publicity). Ron Paul also has the funds to go the distance, thanks to his very dedicated supporters who won´t give up on him.