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Militant/Extremist takes the reigns of the ANC News Team

Picture at right: Self-described “100% Zulu Boy” dances to the sound of “Bring me my machine gun.”

Jacob Zuma, a polygamist, who has twenty kids with six different women has taken the reigns of the African Nation Congress and could be South Africa’s next president. He has been propelled to this position despite rape, and corruption scandals, because he promises to confiscate land owned by whites and re-distribute it to blacks.

Zuma was recently on trial for rape. According to Fox News…

During his rape trial, Zuma took a “short skirt” excuse, claiming it was his duty as a Zulu warrior to have sex with a woman if she wore a short kanga (an African wrap), and that he could not leave her “unfulfilled.”

Zuma told the court that he knew the woman was “clearly aroused” by the fact that her kanga was “quite short” — meaning knee-length.

“In the Zulu culture, you cannot just leave a woman if she is ready,” he explained.

According to his defense team, Zulu men have sexual primacy over women. Therefore, he could not be guilty.

“To deny her sex, that would have been tantamount to rape,” Zuma claimed.

The accusing woman, who was 31 and HIV-positive at the time of the incident, is the daughter of one of Zuma’s now-dead liberation-war comrades.

She alleged that when she went for advice in late 2005 to the home of the man she had known since childhood and had always called “uncle,” Zuma forced his 250-pound frame upon her.

During the subsequent trial, thousands of Zuma’s supporters congregated outside the courthouse, chanting “kill the bitch” and pelting the accuser with rocks as she arrived each morning. She was given police protection due to death threats.

At one point, Zuma was caught attempting to bribe the victim’s aunt with an offer of two cows and a new garden fence in exchange for persuading the victim to withdraw the allegations.

But was Zuma, the former head of the National AIDS Council in a country where one in seven citizens are HIV-positive, and aware of the woman’s HIV-positive status, concerned about unprotected sex?

“I had a shower afterwards,” Zuma explained after announcing that he had chosen not to use a condom.

In a country where, according to human rights groups, a woman is raped every 26 seconds, Zuma was found not guilty. His accuser has been granted asylum in the Netherlands.