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Obama's minister gave lifetime achievement award to Farrakhan. News Team

Trumpet magazine is staffed by members of United Trinity Church of Christ, the church which Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey belong too. Senior pastor Jeremiah A. Wright Jr is the CEO of the magazine and it is produced by the staff of the church.

The magazine gives out a yearly “Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award.” In 2007 the award was given to Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. The NOI is a “supremacist” orginization in every sense of the word. NOI theology holds that Allah created blacks first, and whites were created by an evil wizard. Since whites are not created by Allah, they have no souls and are “devils.” NOI teaches that white people will be exterminated by Allah in the near future and that the black race will be the instrument of his wrath.

The worst serial killers in the US in the 20th century were black men in San Fransisco who believed in the teachings of NOI and sought to begin exterminating white people. They were dubbed the Zebra Killers by the media and killed as many as 72 people.

The origin of NOI theology is the book Message to the Black Man by Elijah Muhhamed. Elijah is revered by Farrakhan and NOI members. Farrakhan sells his books and advocates all black people read it. The book can be read online. Click Here.

Quotes from Message to the Black Man.

Since Allah has revealed the very nature of the Caucasian race — that they are devils — there is no way of changing them to be anything other than that which they are.

What can the guilty say when the truth of their guilt is made known? I have been teaching for over 35 years what Almighty Allah (God) has revealed to me of the truth of this subject. The origin of sin, the origin of murder, the origin of lying are deceptions originated with the creators of evil and injustice — the white race.

Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. is closely associated with both Farrakhan and Obama. He has even appeared at Obama’s side during major speeches delivered by Obama. If Barack Hussein Obama were elected president, a man who has preached racial holy war for decades will have a direct link to the president of the United States.