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Our Winter of Discontent and the Season of White Guilt

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

As a fair warning to all you might want to assume the position now because starting Martin Luther King day we will be hit by an avalanche of white guilt all the way through Black History Month. No words can sum up the pure gutless and cowardly actions of our elites as they have and will continue to pander about the great contributions of blacks to our nation while ignoring any such positive pronouncements of our people. Despite accomplishments unparalleled in this world it is the social policy of our controlled media and government to expound on the history of every group except the one which founded this nation, European-Americans. Just as Christmas is to go on the chopping block, so is any honoring of Southern patriots, Christopher Colombus, and any person or observance that offends a single minority. Well friends I’m sick of it and I know each and every member of this organization and millions of our kinsmen are as well.

The purpose of Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month is no less then the permanent branding of white guilt upon every Caucasian soul while trumpeting the moral superiority of minorities. Thankfully men of courage like Senator Jesse Helms and the late Dr. Sam Francis had the courage to tell the truth about King and the purpose of those behind the enactment of the holiday. Sadly the words have not been heeded and last year state legislatures around the South saw fit to apologize for slavery they never participated in. And we all know that come MLK Day we are going to hear the same old speech and the same old message of what a great man he supposedly was. One wonders what people’s opinion would be if the FBI released it’s files on King which no doubt documents his serial philandering and lack of character, the subversive nature of his movement, and show the world that maybe George Wallace and Lester Maddox knew what they were talking about.

As a people and a nation we have nothing to apologize for as our history is one of a people blessed by God doing so many great and wonderful things. As long as we have even the bare minimum of freedom we are truly entitled to then we have the power to know the truth. And friend’s the truth has set us free and has the power to liberate our people from the spirit of white guilt. No matter what they broadcast these next few weeks, by reminding people of the truth about Dr. King, the overhyped stories of black inventions, and the sinister nature of the Civil Rights Movement that we can take just one step towards taking our country back and making this time of the year just another winter’s day,that is except for Washington’s Birthday and Lee/Jackson Day.