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Race War in the Democratic Party. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Have you been following the news concerning Obama vs. Clinton? The media has gotten so vicious in creating sensationalist stories about Obama and race, that they have even turned on multi-culturalist champions Bill & Hillary Clinton.

All out racial hostilities within the Democratic party are boiling in Nevada where a 60,000 strong majority non-white casino resort workers union has endorsed Obama. People associated with the Hillary campaign filed an injunction to block Democratic caucuses from being held at nine casino-resorts. Hillary supporters claim that the caucus locations violate state law, which is probably true. The Obama camp believes that the caucuses will be attended by large numbers of black and Hispanics hotel staff members who will vote for him.

Gentlemen, start your websites!

Accusations that Hillary wants to “disenfranchise racial minorities” is running wild on the internet, and the major media outlets are already picking it up and running with it. It seems that the media, from cable news networks, to local affiliates, to daily papers, are reveling in pitting the races against each other in the Democratic primary.

A recent poll of South Carolina voters shows that 66% (I personally believe the number to be much higher) of likely black democratic primary voters support Obama, but only 20% of whites do. Accusations that white democrats are “racist” in South Carolina is now running wild. Of course the media cares little that the majority of blacks support Obama simply because he’s black. Apparently black are supposed to vote their race, but whites are automatically accused of racism if they vote don’t vote for the black guy.

If the media is already attacking white Democrats, even Bill & Hillary Clinton, just think what it will be like if Obama gets the nomination. Absolutely no one will be allowed to criticize Obama in any way without screams of “racism.” The media will run non-stop feel good fluff pieces on Obama while attacking whoever the Republican is. Think about it! If the media is willing to insinuate that Bill Clinton is a racist just to prop up Obama, just think what they’ll say about EVERYONE ELSE!

If Obama gets the nomination, mark my word. Even if Obama shows 100% class and never brings up race, the media and the black leadership will get so vicious that it will pit blacks and whites against each other like never before since Reconstruction.

The media is working overtime to prop up Huckabee and McCain. This is because they are both left-wing straw men that are most likely to lose to the Democrat. I believe that in race between Romney and Obama (or I’d prefer Obama vs. Paul), Romney would win by a significant margin even with the usual mass cheating in East St. Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, and South Chicago.

We should consider ourselves lucky that the election is held in November when it’s cold. Imagine if Obama won the nomination and the general election was held on a hot day in August, after months of the national media inflaming racial tension. There could be mass riots the day after the election if Obama lost.