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Rally 'Round the Flag

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

In the carnage and chaos of battle a good soldier always knew that the guiding principle was to rally around the standards or the colors of his unit. For the Romans it was the eagle, for the patriots from Lexington to Yorktown it was the stars and stripes, and for us today it is the Stars and Bars of the Old Confederacy as our enemies circle around us like wolves. As the season of white guilt approaches and our enemies equivalent of All Saints Day (not that Martin Luther King even approached saintliness in character or conduct) will soon be upon us they are using this event in correlation with the South Carolina primary to attack the Confederate flag. Seeing that the supposed conservatives in the Republican Party are of no help in this fight, it is up to the good people of South Carolina and their comrades around the country to denounce the efforts of the elites, their rabble of ethnic cohorts, and anyone else who attacks the hallowed heritage of our ancestors. The cause for which they fought, and indeed we still do today, is a noble cause in who’s service we will not back down or surrender.

It was the treason of the country club Republicans such as Richard Quinn that saw the Confederate flag cause betrayed the last time the flag fight was front in center in South Carolina. Many backers of the fight were satisfied with the compromise and believed that the Confederate flag was safe on the Statehouse grounds and that the jackals who opposed us would have be appeased. Instead the sharks smelled blood and are only invigorated all the more to remove the Confederate flag from public view in any official capacity. That any one who dared call themself a South Carolinian or a Southerner and sanction such an outrage only reminds us that we must fight back all the harder or the public display of the Confederate flag will be a thing of the past. This can not, must not, and shall not come to pass if the members of this organization have our say in the outcome. I urge all our members to bring this up in debates, radio show call ins, newspaper editorials, and any public forum that will allow you to let your voice be heard on this matter.

We must never allow the controlled media and education system to brainwash anyone into thinking that we have anything less the proudest heritage known to man. The SPLC, NAACP, and all the other alphabet soup organizations are determined to purge any pride in Southern and European-American history from our collective conscience for all time. Whether it is guilt or greed that motivates our enemies they are attacking the most fundamental aspects of our lives and we ought to respond with a vigor and righteous fury as we resist by all honorable means. The Confederate flag is much more then a symbol of the noble cause that was the Confederacy. It is the symbol of all of us who have struggled since 1954 to fight back against the gradual marginalizing of white Christian thought and culture. Let us recapture the spirit of all who went before us and the essence of the freedom loving blood that flows within us as we stand up in the defense of Dixie, America, and European-Americans worldwide.

The Council of Conservative Citizens was and continues to be at the forefront in efforts to defend the Confederate flag. That shall not change this time as we will resist and call out any politician or public figure that turns gutless coward to appease the mob. I urge each and every single patriotic South Carolinian and Southerner to not only enlist in this flag fight, but to join the Council as we intend to not just defend Western Christian culture but to defeat the Marxist inspired forces opposed to us. We are the only national organization out there making a difference not just fighting for Southern heritage but for European-Americans everywhere. Rally around the flag my friends and stand up for your country and people.