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Stand Up for South Carolina, Reject John McCain

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

South Carolina has an historic opportunity on Saturday night to bury the career of John McCain for good… if enough good patriots swamp him at the polls. McCain has the entire state establishment, Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty, and the editorial boards of all the state newspapers cheering for him. However despite all this, McCain finds himself in a dead heat with Mike Huckabee at 24% according to the latest polls. McCain’s immigration stance and vicious attacks on the Confederate flag may leave him reaping a bitter harvest on election night as Huckabee, no friend of ours or any true conservative, is now pledging a hard crackdown on illegal immigration and is defending the Confederate flag in emphatic language. While I’d not hold my breath for Huckabee to keep his promises, it might prove the difference in victory or defeat on Saturday night.

If John McCain loses South Carolina, then it is most likely that he will not win the nomination for the Republican Party and his political future will be confined to the US Senate until the people of Arizona wise up and send him home. John McCain is no man of character as he divorced his first wife who waited for him and raised their kids while he was in Vietnam. He has betrayed conservatives and America time and again with his stances on amnesty, voting to confirm radical leftist judges Ginsburg and Breyer to the Supreme Court, for NAFTA and other free trade deals, and attacking the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate.

If South Carolinians reject McCain it will also be an embarrasment to Senator Lindsey Graham, who has problems of his own come June and primary day if things work out right. Now is the time to lead the way and bury John McCain’s presidential ambitions forever in the soil of the Palmetto State.