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The Twighlight's Last Gleaming?

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

With the victory of John McCain in last night’s Florida primary the Republican Party has effectively abandoned all faith and conservative principle that it had ever pretended to uphold. While not yet a done deal, this Open Border candidate is on the brink of securing the Republican nomination in the next two weeks. If we thought 2004 was a case in point of being stuck with choosing the lesser of two evils we are now in 2008 stuck between evil and evil this time. Both leading candidates in the Democrat and Republican parties support America’s global ventures, neither pledges to roll back the free trade deals strangling America’s economy, and both are lined up firmly on the other side of the Culture Wars. While it’s uncertain whether McCain will be Eisenhower or Goldwater in terms of electability it would seem that Middle America is stuck without a candidate we can truly support.

While this may seem to be a cause for despair we have many advantages on which to build. The majority of Americans, Republicans and Democrats, support secure borders and a crackdown on illegal aliens. In Georgia, Arizona, and Oklahoma this is already happening and is on the table in many other states, including South Carolina. Activists are moving to put affirmative action on the ballot in California and to ban gay marriage in Florida. The Culture Wars rage on and we must never cease to let our voice be heard wherever the battle may be. Without any help from the Michigan Republican Party the CofCC helped strike down affirmative action when Republicans were being mowed down left and right. Our fate is not connected to the fortunes of any political party and our numbers will continue to grow as more people realize that they don’t have a voice except in an organization such as ours.

Regardless of whom the nominee for the Republicans or the Democrats turn out to be, there is still a war to be fought and being AWOL only makes it that much easier for the elites to put America in the ground. The generations of European-Americans that came before us built the greatest nation in history, and now the elites are tearing it down in just 60 years. This can’t be allowed to stand and it won’t as long as there is breath in our bodies. What has been done since he 1950’s can’t be taken back but we can stop and reverse our enemies if we have the knowledge of what we are up against, solidarity with each other, and faith in the God who gave us life and liberty. We will not go quietly into the night and instead shall march onward to secure the future for our children and grandchildren.