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Welfare for Africa; Blacks Praying for Obama Win to Bring More Financial Aid

From The Unreconstructed Southerner

The people of Kenya and other tribes in Africa are said to be fervently praying for an Obama presidency. One must wonder if Obama will act on his “church’s” tenet of an absolute commitment to Africa and add still more people, not even Americans, to the welfare list.

From the AP: Support for Obama, whose first name means “blessed” in east Africa’s Swahili language, runs across Kenya’s tribes. “I hope to see Obama as the first black president of America,” Dan Chemotei, from the picturesque Rift Valley province, which has seen some of the worst violence, told Reuters in central Nairobi where he works as a guard. “If we get one of our own to lead the world’s most powerful nation then we will get a lot of foreign aid and attention. Obama will definitely address the current political crisis in Kenya because he is ours,” he said.