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5 dead, 2 injured in racially motivated slaughter. News Team

Black man who went on anti-white racial tirades at city hall meetings and recently fought with police goes on killing spree in Kirkwood, MO near St. Louis.


The shootings began shortly after 7 p.m. just outside the city hall in Kirkwood, Missouri, when a man approached a police officer in the parking lot of the Kirkwood police station and fatally shot him, Panus said. The officer died at the scene.

The suspect then went into the city council chambers, she said, and killed a second police officer, then fatally shot three people who were attending the meeting, Panus said.

Two people who were attending the city council meeting were taken to area hospitals, she said. One is in critical condition.

Kirkwood police officers returned fire, Panus said, killing the suspect.

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