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A Salute to the Political Cesspool’s Outstanding 3 Year Run

From the News Team…


The Political Cesspool Radio Program, the award-winning, syndicated broadcast out of Memphis, will call it a series after our live show on Friday, February 15. Over the course of the past three years and 14 weeks, we have aired approximately 865 episodes. Resilient and unapologetic, we served as the voice of the Conservative Right on the AM airwaves, never once backing down or begging forgiveness for putting America First. When we conclude our run on Friday, we will do so with our popularity at its zenith, bowing out with grace, honor and integrity.

It’s probably ironic that if it weren’t for the constant attacks from the ADL and SPLC (and the crush of media attention that their antics garnered) the legacy of The Political Cesspool would have never become so luminescent. In a way, I suppose that we owe them a backhanded debt of gratitude. Quite seriously though, I sincerely believe that our defiant resolve to stand by our convictions when faced with the uncertainties that come when you’re under fire should serve as the prototype of how our People should conduct ourselves in similar situations. The motto of our show has been, “No Retreat, No Surrender, No Apologies!” What we advocate is what’s best for our family and we should never hesitate to safeguard the interests of our kinsmen first.

Each Cesspool staff member will decide for themselves what to do next, but no matter what, I’m sure that we’ll always remain brothers. Our website will remain online and we will continuously update it with fresh news stories and new blog entries! The show itself will remain in syndication indefinitely on the Dixie Broadcasting Radio Network and their affiliate stations, which pleases me. Furthermore, our entire library of broadcast archives will also remain available on our website as an internet resource. So, keep checking our site daily for fresh news and information or to revisit your favorite interviews! We will continue to keep our e-mail list active, in order to keep you abreast of future developments and endeavors.

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