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Aptera will soon be available for California residents. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Candidates like Clinton, Obama, and McCain demand more government regulation to cripple American businesses in the name of fighting global warming.

However, all practical evidence shows that free market inventiveness, not government interference, is the only way to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

By using three wheels instead of four, Aptera Motors can classify their new vehicle as a motorcycle instead of a car. This is allowing them to bypass millions in tests and years of bureaucratic holdups that they would face if the vehicle had four wheels.

Despite bypassing government safety tests, the vehicle will feature air-bags and other high tech Formula 1 inspired safety features that exceed government requirements for cars. The manufacture says it’s 5 gallon fuel tank will last most Americans 600 miles. The vehicle is rated at 300 mpg at 55 mph. Aptera motors is also working on a 100% electric model as well. Aptera says it would cost California residents about $1.5 in electricity to recharge the all electric version of the car, which will travel 120 miles per charge.

Pre-orders are currently being accepted for California residents at a surprisingly low cost of $27,000-$29,000. The manufacturer hopes to sell them at $20,000 in the future. Production of pre-ordered Apteras will begin in October.