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Blacks call anti-theft measure "racist." News Team

An Arab gas station owner in Florida is losing $100s of dollars worth of retail merchandise a month due to shoplifting by students from a nearby black college. The man put a sign on the door saying that the students may only come in one at a time.

The reason for the one at a time rule, is because young blacks tend to enter gas stations in large numbers late at night. One or two will stand in line, while the rest loiter around the store for long periods of time. In my own city, police have to be called to gas stations late at night constantly due to theft by these large groups or for fighting between multiple groups.

The shop owners request seems perfectly reasonable to any sane person. However the reaction of the students is to cry “racist!” Blacks students call for a boycott and are threatening the store owner with lawsuits. How dare he infringe on their right to steal!

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