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Bush completes Clinton & Albright's dream. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

It started with a horrific bombing campaign of Christian Serbs by Bill Clinton; and was egged on by Madeleine Albright, a Jewish woman, who’s family was protected from the Nazis by Serbs. (Albright’s father was a Czechoslovakia Communist party leader in Slovakia who fled to Serbia when Czech Republic was annexed by Germany and Slovakia joined the Axis.)

As Secretary of State, Albright was a major proponent of bombing Serbia. She even went so far as to ask Colin Powell, “What’s the point of having this superb military you’re always talking about, if we can’t use it?”

Serbia was bombed to support ethnic Albanian Islamic terrorists who had immigrated en mass to Kosovo illegally. After becoming a majority through mass illegal immigration, ethnic Albanians took up arms and began a bloody campaign of ethnic cleansing against Christian Serbs. Huge amounts of money and weapons for the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda. Islamic volunteers from Chechnya, Afghanistan, and the Middle East flocked to the region for a chance to join the Jihad.

Now George Bush is completing the Clinton/Albright created nightmare by granting Kosovo independence, creating a terrorist rogue state within Europe. Already Kosovo is the distribution center of illegal drugs in Europe. Almost all heroin entering Europe comes from Kosovo/Albania through Islamic networks.

Through the urging of President Bush, the US formally recognized Kosovo as an independent country today. France, Britain, and Germany may follow suit. Muslim countries around the world are praising the announcement. Russia and Serbia are, of course, opposed to the move. Spain and other Eastern European countries also say they will not recognize Kosovo. The move has pitted the United States against much of Eastern Europe.

The entire ordeal has pushed the US towards a new cold war with Eastern Europe. Something Bush seems all to eager to do.

The events also set a frightening precedent. Imagine if Mexicans declare that California is an independent country. The receive money,  arms, and more volunteer fighters from Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela. A campaign of ethnic cleansing begins and whites, blacks, and Asians are killed or chased across the border into neighboring states.

When the US military mobilizes against this terrorist army, the EU declares war on us and bombs the US military, government buildings, utility companies, and television and radio stations.  Once the US government cries uncle, the president is arrested for “war crimes,” while international “peace keepers” aid the terrorists in consolidating control of the territory.

This scenario would be no different that what the US and NATO did to Serbia.