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CNN Exit Poll: 3 way tie in Georgia News Team

Georgia is going to be close! CNN just released their exit poll. They have Huckabee in 1st, then Romney, then McCain. However, all three candidates are within 1% of each other! In the past CNN’s exit polls have been accurate to within 1%.

Huckabee took rural Northern Georgia by force, Romney took the Atlanta suburbs, and McCain took liberal Atlanta.

McCain dominated the liberal and moderate vote, while Huckabee and Romney split voters who identified themselves as “conservative.”

Landslide victory for Obama.

CNN is reporting that exit polls shows a landslide 2 to 1 victory for Obama over Clinton as blacks turned out in record numbers and voted over 85% for Obama. Young white split nearly 50-50 Clinton and Obama, while elderly whites favored Clinton 3-1.