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Dubious CNN Exit Polls Continuous Election 2008 Coverage

In the course of providing election coverage, the webmasters have noticed that CNN routinely alters their own exit polls after a majority of the actually results are in. CNN always ends up looking like their exit polls are super accurate.

So tonight at 8:30 EST I wrote down the results of the CNN exit poll for Virginia.

45.76% Huckabee vs. 44.53% McCain

At 8:30 Huckabee and McCain were neck in neck with less than half the actual results reported.

By 9:30 EST McCain had a clear lead. What did the CNN exit poll read.

50.00% McCain vs. 40.82% Huckabee

I have noticed CNN doing this over and over since the election stated. In one states I watched the exit poll results change not once, but twice as more precincts were reported.

Can you really trust CNN to bring you unbiased news coverage when they play fast and loose with their own exit polls?