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Foreclosed: Owners Lose Homes, Abandon Pets News Team

The majority non-white city of Stockton, CA is being overrun by abandoned cats and dogs. As sub-prime mortgages fail, residents abandoning pets along with homes.

The house was ravaged—its floors ripped, walls broken and lights smashed by owners who trashed their home before a bank foreclosed on it. Hidden in the wreckage was an abandoned member of the family: a starving pit bull.

The dog found by workers was too far gone to save—another example of how pets are also victims of the nation’s mortgage crisis as homeowners leave animals behind when they can no longer afford their property.

Pets “are getting dumped all over,” said Traci Jennings, president of the Humane Society of Stanislaus County in northern California. “Farmers are finding dogs dumped on their grazing grounds, while house cats are showing up in wild cat colonies.”

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