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Huckabee "miracle" falls short. Continued Election 2008 Coverage

Huckabee falls short of sweep, but proves he is still in the game.

At one point yesterday evening it appeared Huckabee would win all three Feb. 9th Republican contests. With about half of the results of the Washington Caucus counted, Huckabee had a sizable lead. However, with 87% of the votes counted, McCain now has a slight lead and CNN has just projected him the winner.

The gap between Huckabee and McCain narrowed when the final precincts were counted and Huckabee just barely won. According to exit polls, Huckabee won a majority in most of the state except for the New Orleans Area, where McCain won big. Huckabee won the conservative vote by a large marin, while McCain won the liberal and moderate vote by a large margin. Half of Louisiana’s delegates are tied to the primary, while the rest are tied to the previously held caucus and a state convention. Huckabee is expected to end up with the majority of the Louisiana delegates from the caucus and convention process. McCain and Paul will also get some.

Ron Paul headquarters is reporting that they will receive a substantial number of delegates from Washington, despite what the media is reporting.

A CofCC member, who was a West Virgina GOP state convention delegate, reports that Paul will receive 3 delegates from West Virginia as part of a backroom deal. However, everything was verbal agreements, there is no written contract that guarantees these delegates.

Tuesday, Feb. 12th, will see DC, Maryland, and Virginia vote in primaries. DC and Maryland are guaranteed victories for Obama because of the high populations of black. Obama will probably score two more landslide victories in DC and Maryland, and a more narrow victory in Virginia. Black voters have turned out in record breaking numbers in other states and have voted Obama buy as much as 90%. Obama’s black vote has humiliated the Clinton’s as well as the mainstream media, who promised for a year that blacks would not vote as a monolith.