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Illegals On the Run in Oklahoma and Arizona

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

With 2008 looking to be a choice between a radical feminist, a black nationalist Muslim, and John McCain it is easy to worry for our future. However there is good news to be had and celebrated in this first part of 2008. Oklahoma and Arizona passed tough laws this past year and Oklahoma’s has already gone into effect. Arizona’s law will be enacted on March 1. Already 25,000 Hispanics, most if not all illegal aliens, have left the greater Tulsa area. In Arizona the Mexican consulates are being kept busy by applicants seeking to return to Mexico.

This good news is largely lost amid the presidential race and ought to be noted by our people. It is a sign that despite that John McCain is ahead in the GOP race that immigration remains a powerful issue in this election and throughout the country. In many states, including South Carolina, immigration proposals are on the table that would restore the constitutional prerogatives of the states to debate and deal with this issue. Illegals are being forced to leave certain states which only means that the states to where they are migrating will also be forced to crackdown. Sheriff’s depatments all over are registered for the 287g program that will allow them to deport illegal aliens in their local communities.

As primary season approaches our members need to confront federal, state, and local officials about their positions on this issue. Those candidates with the right stands deserve our votes and support. This issue is impossible to ignore and even if the presidential candidates all desire amnesty, this issue will not go away and nor will the opposition to any amnesty that comes our way.