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Is this the change Barack Hussein Obama is talking about ?

From the News Team…

Video catches Texas volunteers of the Barack Hussein Obama Campaign with the Che Guevara Flag

When Che became Cuba’s Minister of Industries in 1961 (and promptly wrecked Cuba’s Industries), among the most serious “crimes against revolutionary morals” was “laziness.” “In a collectivist society, where man works for society,” Che explained in Cuba’s official newspaper Revolucion, “loafing must be considered a crime, just like robbery! Our struggle against loafers, absenteeism and parasitism has reached tremendous proportions!”

As evidenced by the tens of thousands crammed into Cuba’s prison camps at the time. Che himself christened the first and most notorious of them at Guanacahibes, Cuba’s version of Siberia, but featuring broiling heat rather than cold. These camps were crammed to suffocation when Che discovered that – hold on to your Che-shirts Carlos Santana and Johnny Depp! Hold on to your Che beret Madonna! – people prefer working for wages rather than for free!

In the mid 1930’s Stalin issued a decree “against individuals who refuse to participate in collective effort and leading an antisocial and parasitic life.” (I.e., people who resist slavery.) Siberia’s GULAG was soon flooded with victims. Che must have taken note. He emulated the procedure perfectly and the barbed wire, machine gun towers and guard dogs at Guanacahibibes took care of the resulting flood of Cuban “individualists” and “antisocial miscreants,” as their criminal charges read.

“Individualism must disappear!” thundered this t-shirt idol of “do-your-own-thing” Bohemians in a 1961 speech in Havana. Interestingly, the cheeky Ernesto Guevara’s signature on his early correspondence read: “Stalin II”

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