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Jena 6 acts of terror continue. News Team

Does this surprise anyone?

A second Jena 6 thug may return to jail. The 6’6″ man brutally assaulted another white student at his High School.

The Jena 6 became the celebrated “oppressed racial minorities” in Jena, LA that were used by black racial groups to raise huge amounts of money. The media promoted them as victims of a “racist” judiciary until it came to light that numerous elements of their story were fabrications. Their parents and some “civil rights” groups were then accused of squandering vast sums of money that was supposed to go to lawyers. The situation turned into many of the people involved fighting over the money and throwing accusation of fraud at each other. One of the Jena 6 posted pictures of himself on the internet with $100 bills in mouth and bragged about his financial windfall from the case.

The entire time all the evidence pointed, and continues to point, to the fact that the Jena 6 are thugs who commit brutal acts of violence and deserve to be in prison.