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Marxist protesters almost total no-show at AR Conference. News Team

The American Renaissance Conference was held this weekend and was smashing success. The best ever, and included two members of the European Parliament as speakers.

What was particularly interesting was the non-existent “all out against AR” coalition “march on the conference.” For at least six months a network of Marxist gangs called for a march on the hotel to “shut down the Conference.” They even advertised multiple planning meetings and listed a half dozen of so different groups participating. The list included Marxist gangs, a black power hip hop website, and a Kahane Chai Jewish group who’s leader is in prison for assaulting a young boy and a militia training camp in New York.

The Marxist promised that “as many as 200” protesters would show up. The police set up a large area in front of the hotel and had plastic barriers to protect would-be protesters from traffic. The hotel had extra security all over the place and police patrolled the parking lot as Marxist gangs are notorious for vandalism.

The multitude of Marxist were supposed to meet down the street at 10:30 and “march” on the hotel. Around 11:00 fewer than 20 protesters showed up, less than 10% of their goal, and half of them were wearing masks to hide their identity. At approximately 11:30 there was a total of six or seven protesters left in front of the hotel. A half hour later it was down to four. By the time we finished lunch, there were zero protesters. Hotel staff members and police went from high alert to laughter as they realized nothing was going to happen.

The same masked Marxist thugs call for mass protests at the CofCC National Conferences each year. In 2001 they had 12 protesters, some wearing masks, who stayed for less than two hours and then left. In 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 they had zero. You would think they’d be tired of calling for their Marxist stormtroopers to “shut us down,” and not a single person show up each year.

Instead of “shutting down the conference,” the threat of large protests prompted for more media to show up. As a result, American Renaissance received plugs on CNN and MSNBC it would not otherwise received.