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Media ignore Maine caucus. Paul gets highest total ever. News Team (by Kyle Rogers)

While the media continues to praise McCain for his 33% slim win in South Carolina, his huge loses in Wyoming, Nevada, Michigan, and now Maine are completely ignored.

What is also ignored is that Romney has now won three state caucus with 50% or more of the vote. Romney now has four wins where his percentage is higher than any percentage McCain has received in any state.

However, the left-wing media wants left-wing straw man McCain. They are trumpeting his eventual nomination already and doing every dirty trick imaginable to make their own predictions/wishes come true.

What is also ignored is the surprise performance of Ron Paul in Maine. You won’t hear it on most news shows, but Paul got 19% of the vote in Maine nearly beating McCain. (Paul did beat McCain in Nevada).

Romney got over 50% in Main despite the Governor and both state Senators endorsing McCain.