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NAACP rushes to defend Kirkwood spree killer. News Team

Following their trend of defending some of the worst thugs, criminals, and murderers in country, the St. Louis media is reporting that the NAACP is now insinuating that white authority figures are to blame for the savage murders of two police officers, and three Kirkwood city officials. The NAACP wants an investigate into “racism” and “discrimination” in Kirkwood.

Other sub-plots.

In Meacham Park, a black neighborhood in Kirkwood, black residents held a meeting to discuss the spree killer in which some residents defended and/or praised his murders.

Ben Gordon was cheered and applauded by other black men and women when he called Thorton a “hero,” and “a soldier who paid the price for liberty.”

Just last year a black man ambushed and murdered a white Kirkwood police officer in a racially motivated killing. The man blamed white paramedics for not reviving his brother in time and set an ambush to kill a white police officer to get revenge.

One of the brothers who defended the spree killers action, served five years in prison for fatally stabbing a man to death.