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Obama passes Clinton. Dismal Republican turnout. Continuous Election 2008 New Coverage

Obama won his 7th consecutive contest in a row, passing Clinton in overall delegates.

Meanwhile, McCain won the three Republicans contests. However, his victory is tainted by the fact that Republican turnout was beyond dismal.

In Virginia, approx. 750,000 people showed up for the Democratic primary, but less than 300,000 for the Republican. More people showed up to vote for Obama in all three contests, then showed up for the entire Republican primary.

With Romney out of the race, the trend of Democrats drawing more people has become twice as bad. There is simply no excitement whatsoever for McCain. While there are still some states, most notably Texas, that Huckabee may, McCain will probably get enough delegates to win the nomination.

The Republican National Committee is going to have a hard sell to get tens of millions of conservatives to go to the polls and vote for a guy they don’t like. Especially when McCain will most likely run a national campaign that panders to Hispanics and plays up his role in the Senate Amnesty Bill. Hispanics have been voting Clinton in the Democratic primary, and it is likely that McCain will believe he can capture the Hispanic vote from the Democrats.