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Obama Suspected of Plagarism

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Well it would seem that the Democratic Party’s golden boy, Barack Hussein Obama, might have just been taken down a notch by accusations of plagarizing a speech by Massachussetts governor Deval Patrick. If so this would be all too poetic as Obama frequently cites and quotes Martin Luther King, another noted plagarist and fraud. While this may not tip the scales in Wisconsin’s primary tommorow it will bring into question Obama’s greatest asset, his supposed authenticity. If this is stripped from Obama the public will see him as just another politician and make him easy prey for Hillary Clinton as the fight for the Democratic nomination grinds on.

None of us should expect the faith of Obama’s core supporters, young college students and blacks, as they will defend his name against all comers. This fanaticism is akin of the 1960’s and is evidence of the power that years of indoctrination as a product of cultural Marxism can produce. One can only hope and pray that enough people will learn of Obama’s radicalism before he is at the helm of the Democratic party this November.